Social Media Marketing Coaching

Learn what social networks are the best fit for your business
Learn how many times you should be posting on each network
Learn what type of content you should be posting on each network
Learn the tools needed to make posting on your social sites as quick and easy as possible

Learn best practices for using Facebook for Business and how to build your “Likes”
Learn Twitter etiquette – how to use #hash tags effectively and how to build your “Followers”
Learn how to use Google+ for Business and how to write awesome posts
Learn the goals of Pinterest and how to best use it to drive traffic to your website and establish yourself as an resource
Learn how to use tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer to save time

Learn what type of content your blog posts should be focused on
Learn how to create the content to increase your readership
Learn how to create an Blog Schedule/Editorial Calendar – And stick to it!
Learn how to write a Press Release – and what free sites to distribute them to online
You wrote a amazing blog post – now what? Learn how to effectively share it on every social network

It’s hard to wear every hat of your business.  If social media marketing is the part of your day you dread most, talk to me! I can handle all aspects of your social media accounts. There are many advantages for your business if you decide to outsource your social media management.  If you put all of your social media needs on my plate, everything will be done properly, all of your social media interactions will be taken care of and your online communications will be consistent and top quality.

Social is now an established part of successful web marketing – and it gets more so with every Google search engine update.

Obeying the rules for social media writing is essential – but it’s also very time intensive. It needs to be developed strategically and professionally – and can’t be thrown together at the last minute. With the volume of content that is being published online each day, it’s essential for companies to develop and implement a consistent content strategy.

Facebook Business Page
Blog Posts
Website Updates – TBD on an individual basis

I will run your accounts using social media tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer – while building your following and growing your newsletter list through relationship building.

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