“Karen is an encouraging, informative coach. She was easy to talk to and really helped me identify short and long term health goals for myself.  At the beginning of the program I was craving sugar and addicted to carbs. I didn’t exercise much and drank way too many diet sodas/cups of coffee to keep my energy levels up. Now I drink anywhere from 60-120 oz of water every day and am completely off soda. I start my day with a green smoothie and try to include fruits and vegetables and exclude cookies/candy. I’m doing some form of exercise 3 to 5 days per week. I couldn’t have made those changes without Karen.” – Tracie R.

“I am not over-exaggerating when I say that Karen quite literally changed my life! When I started as a health coach client with Karen, I was stuck in a corporate job that was dragging me down, living in a city where I was miserable, and had a terrible body image.  Karen helped me gain the confidence to follow my passions and to live the life that I wanted and deserved. I have been so inspired by Karen and how she has helped me change my life, that I am now back in school to become a health coach myself.  My hope is to be able to help others, just like me, find the confidence to pursue their passions, take back their health and live the bountiful life that they deserve.” – Rebecca B. Hankering 4 Hummus

“Karen is awesome. I was floundering in the world of social media, not knowing how to use the sites or how to make them work for building my business. During our four calls, Karen walked me through so many things that I felt 100 times more savvy, competent, and capable than I was before we started. I highly recommend working with her to take your knowledge and skills to new heights!” – Sue Kemple, The Wellness Wordsmith

“I was referred to Karen by a fellow health coach. Karen was easy to work with and delivered what she promised. Karen worked with me offering several suggestions until I was happy with the result. I love my new facebook page with all the easy personalized apps! I highly recommend her.” – Letitia Fowler, Personal Best Health and Wellness

“I have been working with Karen to expand my presence with social media marketing. Karen enhanced my Facebook page, taught me how to use Twitter, enhanced my webpage and showed me HootSuite, so I can manage and schedule my posts and tweets.  I no longer feel that I have to spend hours doing my social media marketing.  I know I’ve reached a larger audience by increasing my followers on Facebook and Twitter.  She has also given tips on where else to send blog posts to maximize my reach. 

All of the guidance was done in a way that I was able to easily grasp without feeling intimidated or ignorant.  Karen is very patient as well as knowledgeable.  The information is also presented in a way that is interesting and enthusiastic.  You immediately grasp that this is something you can do.  I recommend her to help you reach your target audience.” – Janine McHale, The Empowered Plate

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